Sunday, October 05, 2003

"First Class Ticket to Hell, change at Basingstoke"

Another Sunday damnation special. I ought to get to church more often...

It was encouraging for those of us who espouse religious tolerance to see the Archbishop of Canterbury meeting with the Pope yesterday. I couldn’t help thinking that Rowan Williams (clearly Salman Rushdie in a frock) blew it big time with his present to the Holy Father. I know God's representatives on Earth don't get out to the shops much, but he gave His Holiness a rather handsomely bound bible. The leader of the Catholic Church. A bible. You damn fool Williams! Didn’t it occur to you that he may already have read it? Several times too, I’ll be bound. The poor bloke’s busting for a decent read, and all he gets is another bible to go with the autographed first edition in the Vatican Library. I would have bought him this to show him what he’s missing, but then, this handcart to Hell has already left the station.

And if I'm heading for damnation, I might as well do it in spades. Happy Tree Friends: surely the finest animation to come out of the internet since...uh... the last one. Sick, sick and thrice sick, I laughed until I puked.

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