Tuesday, October 07, 2003

“Hooky Street, again”

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Scary mugs! Get yer luv-er-ly Scary mugs here! Oh, yes, we now have top quality duck-flavoured drinking receptacles for your hot beverage delight.

After weeks of thrashing around, losing discs, waiting for the guy at the printers to come back from holiday, losing more discs and generally forgetting to get my arse in gear, the all-new Scaryduck mugs are now available. After rejecting bloody awful designs from the likes of Laurence Llewyllyn-Bowen and Geoff Banks, we’ve settled for the classic TWUNT look by Lyle at D4d, who gets a freebie for his troubles. The price per mug is a very reasonable GBP 7.50 including p&p to the UK. American readers may like to purchase an identical mug from the Scary store at Cafepress as it may well work out cheaper.

I won’t be selling these through a shopfront - e-mail me at scaryduckATfastmail.fm (change the 'AT' to '@') with your firm orders and I’ll tell you where to send the money. I will accept cash, cheques drawn against a UK bank, postal orders and payments through paypal. I need ten firm orders before I go ahead with the printing. Coming soon - Twunt-brand jetpacks. And a monkey butler.

“I heartily endorse this fine product or service” - Krusty the Clown.

"Doing the rounds"

Would you buy a book on Freud from this man? Hint: Make the most of the puerile humour offered by the author's name by reading the reviews. Damn you internet! I've only just recovered from the Happy Tree Friends.

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