Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Onion Bag

To the Museum of Reading to visit the Homes of Football photographic exhibition. Entirely the work of one Stuart Clarke, who has spent the last decade or so taking over 60,000 pictures of life in and around football grounds, both home and abroad. His work is quickly achieving iconic status, such as the image of this lucky man outside Everton’s Goodison Park.

Personal favourites tend not to show the action on the pitch - there’s the two girls in the pie stand at Tranmere, the laundry at Elm Park and the club shop at Alloa Athletic. But the number one, top of the pile just has to be this crowd scene from Liverpool’s Kop End in 1992, just for the kid right at the front. Liverpool encapsulated in one image. Magic.

And to keep the scholars happy, there’s a jolly nice Victorian reproduction of the Bayuex Tapestry on the floor below, with all the nudity, swearing and penguins covered up.

Story Time

Right, you know the drill by now. Select the next Scary Story from ‘Golf’, ‘Lab of Doom’ and ‘Eighteen-ish’, or any number between one and thirty-one corresponding to an as-yet unwritten tale of mirth and woe. Your pick in the Speak Your Brains section, if you’d be so kind. Choose-o!

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