Thursday, February 05, 2004


Another Thursday, another vote the Scary Story of the Week. But this will be no ordinary tale, dear reader, for tomorrow marks the second anniversary of this site. *cough* send money *cough*. Choose wisely, but above all, choose-o!

Top shelf - booze mirth and woe
An inspector calls - restaurant woe
Surfing - anal woe
Blarney - Irish mirth and woe
Paul - psycho woe
Gym of doom - vomit woe
The Raspberry Club - belming mirth and woe, with celebrity guests

Oh, and last chance for t-shirt orders.

Today's minor triumph

A letter published in my local paper pointing out that they print far too many letters from hang 'em, shoot 'em and flog 'em lunatics signed "Name and Address Supplied". Signed, naturally, "Name and Address Supplied".

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