Thursday, February 12, 2004

The Thursday Flange

As promised last week, there is but one Scary Story lined up for tomorrow, a tale of pain and ill-fortune suitable for Friday the thirteenth:

Surfing: anal mirth and woe

So as not to bugger up the narrative, I will take up to five of your suggestions for words or phrases to feature in said yarn. Suggest-o!

And now, some other crap I found.

Think once, think twice, think Don't Fire A Dead Cow From A Trebuchet.

Had enough of clubbing penguins with baseball bats? Nope, we haven't either, and you've got 1224.1 to beat, you part-timers. Why not waste your time running over penguins with a yeti surfing a snowball instead?

Llapgoch, the Secret Welsh art of self-defence (as told by Monty Python).

Daleks on Robber Rabbit, while Pengor charts the further adventures of Trevor. Poor, poor Trevor.

This blog has all the makings of a modern classic. Tragic, beautiful, utterly unintelligable. Found on the "recently published blogs" section on the Blogger homepage, a constantly updated treasure-trove of the best and very worst on the net.

Radio FIP, the second best radio station in the world.

Live Journal user? Add this site to your friends list.

The Scaryduck Archive

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