Monday, August 01, 2005



This is the entire word-for-word text of my job interview for the Department of the Bleedin’ Obvious in 1986:

"What makes you think you're suitable material for the civil service?"

"Because you're desperate and will take anybody."

I got the job.

Some other guy told them "Because my Lord Jesus Christ says so."

He too got the job.

He lasted a week after he started beating up colleagues who gave the wrong answer to the question "Do you love Jesus? Do you? DO YOU?"

Pete'n'Dud voice: "What's the worst job you've ever had?"


Regular readers will remember the greatest news headline ever written:

Young Boys Wankdorf Erection Woe – the tale of one football club’s struggle to build a new stadium in time for the 2003 season.

Finally, two years later, they have finally managed to shoot their bolt, and it’s pleasing to see that ESPN employs sub-editors with a sense of humour:

Young Boys Wankdorf Erection Relief

The Arse of Lopez says:

"Excellent! Faaaaarp"

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