Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Emergency Blogging

Emergency Blogging

Bum biscuits. Call it disorganisation. Call it sheer unadulterated terror. One thing has led to another, and I've gone and left all my carefully-crafted ready-made Scaryduck files at work. This means - oh God - I'm going to have to write original content this week. Coming up with something for Friday's going to be an adventure to say the least.

Any road up, searching the dregs of my home machine has produced the old fall-back - a trawl through the Scaryduck referrer logs. Prepare to be non-plussed.

The frightening truth is that genuine intermaweb users have found this site by typing the following requests into google. Some of them, I dare say, must have been more than a little disappointed.

* sudden uncontrollable bowels
* natasha kaplinski has anal sex -- number one result!

* "shit on my tits" -- number one result!
* shitfaced -- number one result!!

* pornography vomit and puke on my face
* colostomy sex bag suckers

* "valerie singleton" nude -- number one result!
* ann widdecombe tits

* kate winslet huge melons -- number one result!
* largest ladies breasts in the world -- number six result!

* transexual mariah carey lookalike –- number one result!

Good grief - it's hardly as if I bang on about scat and naked old ladies every day. And if you ask me, I was always under the impression that M. Carey was a bloke - no woman could ever look that freakish and get away with it. He's a brickie from Pigdick, Illinois, you mark my words.

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