Thursday, August 11, 2005

Lucky Bag II

Lucky Bag II

Greetings. This is a message from the Automatic Blog-u-Tron Post Generator. The registered user MR. SCARY M. D. DUCK is unable to post today for the following reason: He is going to Bridport to allow a man whom he has never met stick a red-hot knife into his genitals.

He hopes, meat-and-two-veg willing, to be able to resume regular posting as soon as possible. He also hopes that he doesn’t pick up some nasty hospital infection and is forced to watch his grollies explode in a ball of flames before his very eyes.

Readers of this weblog who are not aware of MR. SCARY M. D. DUCK’s previous difficulties in the trouser department may wish to catch up by reading this particular tale of mirth and woe from the MR. SCARY M. D. DUCK archives. He assures you that he will be in no danger, and hopes that the doctor will be fooled by the specially-created “stunt genitals” knocked up for the occasion.

The registered user MR. SCARY M. D. DUCK hopes that this is a suitable explanation for the lack of a Thursday vote-o and sends the following message: ”Oh God! What the fuck am I thinking? PS Send money.”

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