Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Worst Person In The World Awards 2010

The Worst Person In The World Awards 2010

I'm gathering nominations for The Worst Person In The World Awards 2010. Top prize: A kick up the cludger. As featured on Sky News.

Confirmed nominees so far:

Naomi Campbell: For her sterling appearance at the Charles Taylor war crimes trial, where being forced by subpoena to give evidence regarding the violent deaths of 250,000 people was "a bit of an inconvenience, really"

John Terry: Representing all footballers, his inability to keep his johnson inside his tracksuit costing England any slim chance the team had at the World Cup

Nick Clegg

Nick Griffin: Wonky-face racist whose widely-predicted (by himself) 2010 political breakthrough turned into a spectacular trouncing at the polls. Get back to your farm, Griffin

Orly Taitz: Representing the Tea Party movement, a collection of loudmouths, nutters and people who'd dearly like to lick Sarah Palin's tuppence, for her doomed, hilarious attempts to have President Obama hurled out of office through a series of bewildering court cases. Orly contents that the President is really one Barry Soetoro, born in Kenya. Or Indonesia. And is part of a Communist plot to bring down America. I *ahem* quite like Orly.

Danny Dyer: Professional cockney and git, whose advice page in a lads mag told a reader to slash his former girlfriend's face with a knife so other blokes wouldn't go out with her. A charmer

Please suggest more, then we can all go out, have a nice vote, a bit of a punch-up and then declare my preferred choice as winner. That's democracy, folks.

Degree of difficulty: Nominees must have done something awful within the last 12 months.

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