Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dandy Highwayman

Dandy Highwayman (geddit?!)

Much celebrations as Our Pal Fanton gets not one but two - count' em TWO - strips in the newly-relaunched Dandy comic which hits the news stands on 27th October. But what - you ask - will he be drawing for the UK's number one inoffensive comic book? Our Pal Fanton will be drawing his EXCELLENT George vs Dragon strip for the title, plus one other story.

YAY! For Our Pal Fanton!

To help him with his work on The Dandy, we had a bit of a brain-storming session and came up with a few ideas:

Tyrannosaurus Rex
: The boy who thinks he's a flesh-eating dinosaur! "See those kids run and run / Because young Rex is going to eat his chums!"

I'm Blogging This: Billy Bloggs can't stop blogging about his life. Unfortunately he works on a flying hit squad for The Samaritans - with hilarious results!

Harry Otter and his non-copyright-busting adventures on the magical riverbank: Also starring Ron Weasel. And Lord Vole-demort. And Severus Snake.

Dignitas Dingo: Thrills and spills as a wild dog gets a job at Europe's number one suicide clinic

Pope Kid: Little Benny Brown is the luckiest boy in the world - because his dad's the fucking Pope!

Elton's Johnnies: Young Elton Smart saves the day with his hilarious prophylactic-based escapades

Lobsterman: Eric Potts is an innocent schoolboy by day - crustaceous fighter for justice by night, battling wrongdoers in the seaside town of Fulchester-on-Sea by tying them naked to a stake at low tide and leaving them for the crabs. With his trusty canine sidekick Winkle, no criminal is safe from LOBSTER JUSTICE!

And if we're going to pull in the older generation of Dandy readers…

Desperate Dan: Laid off from his cowboy job after the Brokeback scandal, Dan sets up shop as a barber. But where's he going to get the filling for his favourite meat pies?

Yeah. New Dandy. 27th October. It'll be excellent. Hopefully.

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