Monday, October 11, 2010

On Sudoku

On Sudoku

Scaryduckling sits cross-legged by the pool in our Spanish holiday villa. We're not ponces, by the way. It's rented.

"There," she announces with triumph, "I've finished this book of Sudoku puzzles."

Then, a sudden realisation hits her: It is only Friday on the first week. What to do now?

"Dad - take me to the shop. I need to buy a new Sudoku book."

"Are you MAD?" I reply, "Have you gone stark-raving bonkers?"

"W..w..why?" she stammers.

"There's no way on Earth you can get yourself a Soduko book on Mallorca."

"Why ever not, dearest Papa?"

"The numbers will be in Spanish."

"Oh. Right."

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