Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Duck vs Tesco

Duck vs Tesco

Don't talk to me about internet shopping.

Don't you just hate it when they turn up and half your order is substituted with something else?

You wait two days for your shopping arrive and you get: "Sorry sir, we didn't have any luxury toilet paper, so we've given you ten sheets of assorted sandpaper instead."

And then they say "Is that OK?"

And you always say "YES", because even sandpaper up your bum is better than actually leaving your home and to buy bog rolls.

Who decides what you get in these cases? Is it some kind of raffle? Or a dare?

"We didn't have any organic cauliflowers, so here's [Shakes lucky eight ball] a freshly butchered mountain goat"

I reckon it's the only chance they have of being creative, so they utterly go for it.

This can be the only reason this happened to me. And I quote:

"Sorry sir, we didn't have any Sensodyne toothpaste, so we've given you a pack of Tena Lady pads instead."

I am agog.

"Is that OK?"

"Of course, it's OK. Can't you see I'm pissing myself?"

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