Monday, July 11, 2011

On playing to a tough crowd

On playing to a tough crowd

My former arch-nemesis Tired Dad (sorry pal, don't blame me - blame the Dalai Lama) recently noted:

"Never try to be 'witty' in a chemists'. They really don't approve."

I thoroughly concur. Whilst the use of humour on the captive audience that is the till operator in most shops can only be encouraged in order to lift these poor wretches out of the drudgery of their everyday working lives, there are some establishments which are clearly off limits.

As Mr Dad found out, the chemist shop is clearly one of these places. And, as I found to my cost, is the receptionist in my local dentist surgery. After the usual name, rank and number shenanigans, we got down to business and - so I thought - japery was in order

Me: I'd like to cancel my appointment next week

Her: Right you are

Me: I've got this meeting with Lord Coe, you see. Me and Sebby go way back

Her: (Unimpressed) Right, that's cancelled for you

Me: In fact, Bowie warned me about being a namedropper.


Me: Jagger agreed with him


Me: And the Chief Rabbi

Tough crowd, dental receptionists. Tough crowd.

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