Friday, January 20, 2012

HOW THINGS ARE CONNECTED by S. Duck B.Sc (Hons) Social Sciences

Unless you are a banker, the world financial collapse which was caused by bankers has led to many, many bad things.

Amongst these is the lack of money going into households all over the country, meaning people having to rein in activities that they once took for granted.

One of these activities was Weymouth Wildcats speedway, which bit the dust for a number of reasons, chief amongst these being declining crowds, forced to stay in on a Friday night instead of watching their brakeless heroes going round and round and round on a cinder track, clutching their speedway clipboards to their chests.

With nobody in Weymouth watching speedway, local demand for clipboards plummeted to zero, taking the only independent stationery shop to the wall, plus a local bespoke clipboard company that employed several dozen people.

And with the stationery shop and the bespoke clipboard company gone, there was nobody left to provide bespoke clipboards to their other main customer: Bankers, who were forced to eat their own children in order to survive.

Bankers: You have brought this calamity on yourselves.


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