Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some more FACTS about SCIENCE

I bloody love SCIENCE, me. And if there's anything I like more than SCIENCE, it's FACTS.

So, it is only logical that I give you some FACTS about SCIENCE.

FACTS about SCIENCE, everybody!

- The human brain is made of two hemispheres. One sweet, the other sour

- Despite being half sweet, half sour, it's the human brain's cerebral cortex that gives the celebrated 'spicy' flavour

- After the discovery of the Higgs Boson sub-atomic particle, scientists are now able to move their research onto more pressing subjects, such as producing Licorice Allsorts without that horrible jelly one

- Also, an effective hangover cure

- Embarrassingly for Creationists, those people who are of the opinion that the Universe was created by God in the year 4,004BC, the earliest fossil of a Creationist is 10,000 years old, 4,000 years before they say the Earth was formed

- Those "Science of Pantene" TV adverts condensed for the hard of thinking: "It's soap that makes your hair clean"

- If you take a homeopath, dilute them, shake, dilute them, shake, dilute them, shake, dilute them, shake, dilute them, shake, dilute them, shake, dilute them, shake, dilute them, and shake, they'll drown

- Thanks to the wonders of the internet and hand-held communications devices, scientists have managed to make a Stupid Particle travel around the world in less than one second. Normal people are able to repeat this experiment simply by typing the words "Justin Bieber" into any popular search engine

- Seventeenth century diarist Samuel Pepys unwittingly invented the internet by sending rats down a series of tubes to his acquaintances carrying messages tied to their tails. Alas, he also propagated the first internet virus, when the rodents gave half of London the plague

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