Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Two sets of FACTS in two days? Why, you are spoiling us!

Ross Kemp. TV actor. Personality. Hard as nails, and now star of the Ross Kemp Folds website. But what do we know about this most enigmatic of celebrities? Where are the Ross Kemp FACTS? Here, that's where:

Famed for his bald head, Ross was actually named after hirsuite artist Bob Ross. Brave Ross hides his heartache after an accident with a bicycle pump when he was a baby (see picture)

TV hardman Ross Kemp is double-jointed and the "Ross Kemp Folds" website comprises 100% untouched photographs

Sky TV still haven't aired the controversial 'Ross Kemp on Gangs' episode where he infiltrates Mumsnet

Ross's greatest regret in life is failing the audition for Right Said Fred. He's "Deeply Dippy" about them!!!

Ross has already been lined up as the next Doctor Who, writers hoping his "SHUT IT, DAVROS" catchphrase will catch on

According to Who's Who, Ross Kemp lists his hobbies as "Telling people to 'Shut It, Slag', and origami"

Ross denies accusations that he ever punched an owl until an egg came out, despite a procession of owls with Kemp-shaped faces

Ross played both Grant Mitchell and Ethel's 'Little Willy' in EastEnders. Clever writing meant they never appeared together

Kemp fell out with EastEnders producers after his list of demands for the Grant Mitchell character fell on deaf ears. "Get a washing machine", "Find a job outside Walford", "Have a relationship with someone who doesn't live in the same street as Grant" and "Start an Open University Social Sciences course" were all dismissed as "ludicrous"

Ross Kemp was eventually written out of EastEnders in 1999 after it emerged his Grant Mitchell character was not Millennium Bug compliant

Rumours that Kemp has mellowed in recent years have been dismissed, despite the airing of his new reality show 'Ross Kemp in Centre Parcs'
TV's ROSS KEMP, everybody!

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