Friday, January 13, 2012


A story with WORDS and PICTURES.

This week, Kim Jong-un (Dress: Casual, big black shoplifter coat left at the dry cleaners) dropped in on the Meat Shop in Pyongyang's Hero Street. Sadly, nobody hold told him they haven't finished building the Meat Shop in Hero Street and there is NO PIE. There will be NO PIE for quite some time.

NO PIE makes Kim Jong-un sad.

Happily, Kim Jong-un - in his role as Supreme Leader, has plans. Plans that involve pie containing the meat of at least one named animal. Thanks to the wise guidance of the Young Generalissimo of the Songun Revolution, days of NO PIE will end, and the Yankee Imperialists and the warmonger puppet clique in Seoul will gasp in wonder at Kim's juicy Juche Pie.

To make up for the lack of pie, they took Kim Jong-un to Pyongyang Model Village. But things there are not going exactly as hoped after Kim's plans (written on the back of a napkin at the People's Sacred Mount Paektu 1950s Diner) were misinterpreted by bungling builders, whose short-term future will involve addressing a local NO PIE shortage.

And things got worse when they tried to explain the entire "Model Village" concept to the Big Guy. Did Father Ted die in vain?

(Seasoned North Korea watchers will be intrigued to see a model of the Ryugyong Hotel in the background - recently dubbed the ugliest building in the world by CNN - which is only just appearing in official photographs after construction that had taken over 20 years.)

And things got even worserer when somebody mentioned THAT FILM.

Luckily... The bell went and it was playtime. Kim Jong-un likes playtime, Yellow Power Ranger and GODZILLA.

More Kim action as it happens.

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