Saturday, January 07, 2012

Weekend Video: Ellen Friedberger - My Mistakes

In which your author delves further down the rabbit hole of female singer-songwritering.

See also: Ellen Friedberger - I won't fall apart on you tonight

Mmmm.... fried burger...

And while you're here - Here's my latest Huffington Post Comedy blog, which may sound like it's about football, but isn't really:

Thierry Henry, and the Philosophy of Never Going Back

"Never go back," they say, and I should know. After all, I made the dreadful mistake of going back to a previous employer, only to find that they'd upped the security and changed the combination on the safe. Also, nobody told me about the fat sweaty copper on the security desk having a gastric band, and he got up quite a decent turn of speed as I fled, my sack marked "SWAG" flapping in the wind behind me. Six hideous, terrifying miles I thought would never end.

Read the rest of this work of genius HERE

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