Friday, January 27, 2012

On not visiting World of Birds

"Where are we going tomorrow?" I ask, the weather forecasters telling us it will be a reasonably pleasant day, "I thought we could go to World of Birds."

World of Birds is nearby, and may be - oh-ho! - "cheep". So, we look it up on the internet.

"Oh," says my beloved, "it looks like it's £14 to get in. Each."

"Fourteen of the Queen's Pounds?!" I say, incredulous, "Fourteen Pounds? Each? I'd fully expect to be able to punch an owl for that money. Punch it until an egg came out."

"And it looks like owl-punching-until-an-egg-comes-out is an extra twenty notes."

"The bloody crooks. Any online reviews of this place?"

She looks. She nods. She reads.

"Yeah... it turns out they're not even owls. Just chickens in owl masks."

"The bastards."

We do not go to World of Birds.

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