Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to avoid arguments on the internet

Pic credit: XKCD
Arguing with people on the internet. It's the reason they invented the internet, and now that they've done away with the entrance exam, they let just about anybody in.

As you know, arguing on the internet is serious stuff, and it is vital importance that you do not allow the other party to come out on top, especially if they are a nobber.

Regretfully, there are times, when it is simply not worth the candle to argue, and it is for the best to just switch off your machine, walk away, and shut the door quietly behind you. But how do you know when to give it up? The warning signs are simple:

- The only insult they know is spelled "FAGET"

- Their user name (if younger than 18) is "Belieber100639367"

- Their user name (if UK) is "Common Sence"

- Their user name (if US) is "ObummerIsACommie"

- ALL CAPS BANDIT. And you know - if they allowed you to choose fonts, it would be ALL CAPS Comic Sans, the Font of Champions

- The First Amendment of the US Constitution is quoted at you

- After the First Amendment has been quoted at you, the subsequent threat of the FBI and/or CIA

- At least I can spell FAGET, YOU FAGET!

- You are on YouTube, the sixth circle of Hell

- They are sitting next to you on the sofa, and all priveleges are on the verge of being withdrawn

Pic credit: XKCD

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