Monday, February 11, 2013

A Brief Encounter with Dodgy Geezers In A Pub

So, Jane and I went to check out the country pub where we want to have our wedding reception.

While Jane was off with the manager inspecting the facilities, I sat at the bar, where I heard the following conversation between two large, middle-aged balding dodgy geezers:

Dodgy Geezer 1: Don't get me wrong, I like him, he's funny an' that. But he's just got too aggressive.

Dodgy Geezer 2: You're gonna need to put him back in his box, ain't'cha

Dodgy Geezer1: Yeah, gonna slap him about a bit. If you don't mind, like

Dodgy Geezer 2: Be my guest, mate, be my guest. When you gonna do the deed? I'll make sure a blind eye is turned if you know whay I mean

Dodgy Geezer 1: Tuesday. Tuesday lunch.

Dodgy Geezer 2: Sorted

Dodgy Geezer 1: Cheers, boss

Then they made a fuss of the dog, and left.

I am assuming this pair were simply posh London script-writers trying out a scene for their forthcoming action film 'The Geezers', the wedding reception is booked. Otherwise, if you've upset a pair of hard-looking Cockney's recently, Tuesday's going to be really bad for you.


Steve said...

I hope they don't read your blog :P

TRT said...

Simply discussing team tactics in Call Of Duty MW4, or some other MMORPG.

gddik said...

And this is where you want to have your wedding reception? Good choice.