Friday, February 08, 2013

The truth about pop music and shops. That's pop music and shops

Sad to see Jacksons Corner, Reading's ancient department store that looks straight out of 'Are You Being Served?' will be closing this year. Still, the writing was on the wall for the old place after the death of Michael Jackson, The King Of Pop And Old Department Stores.

However, Wackson Jackson wasn't the only pop star to dabble in the world of retail business. You may already have raised an eyebrow at the sight of Paul Simon curtain shops, and equally the steak houses owned by his old big-haired pal Garfunkel.

But there's more. Britain's favourite catalogue shop only exists on the back of the boyband boom of the 80s.

Out of Bros came the Goss brothers, and their successful store "Our Goss", known to you and me as "Argos". Yeah. Rock'n'Roll.

And the hits keep on coming:

  • Lloyds Bank and the Commotions
  • Burger King Kurt
  • Right Said Bet Fred
  • Miami "Everthing's a Pound" Machine
  • Pri-Mark Morrison (Where you can take your coat if you want to "Return of the Mac")

Then there's this place in the New Forest

...which is where Michael Hutchence went after he faked his death. It's true, it's on the internet (you're reading it now).


TRT said...

Superdrug Tramp.

TRT said...

That's not a shop, by the way. Just an old hobo that hangs out in the local underpass.