Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Help me out here.

I've been @scaryduck on that there Twitter since I signed up back in 2006. However... Following the trend toward 'real name' tweeting, I've a yearning to be @alistaircoleman

  • I'll be @alistaircoleman

  • @alistaircoleman 16 characters against 10 for @scaryduck, which is life-or-death in a character limited environment
  • Potential loss of 'identity' by parking @scaryduck

Degree of difficulty:
  • I own both accounts, it's just a matter of shuffling things around and leaving a message for the stragglers

Genuinely interested in knowing what you think. VOTE ME UP

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Phil Parker said...

Tweetdeck - Run 'em both.

Steve said...

I know what you mean. I've been thinking of changing mine. I'm vk4vsp and most of my followers are ham radio guys. If I change it to my real name, I'll have two followers, my wife and my little brother.

Heather Baker said...

Seems I voted for the underduck. But I stand by my vote and say, "Stand proud as Alistair Coleman!". We all know that is not your real name anyway (witness protection cover)....

On a serious note, in my old job, we migrated all our followers from @cycleexeter to @cycledevon a year or so ago, and didn't suffer any casualties. ("I'm not leaving anyone behind! Not on my watch!)

TRT said...

I don't do Facebook or Twitter, so I don't give a toss. I hate the trend towards "Real Name" internetting. Everytime I go onto bl**dy You Tube nowadays it keeps asking me to consolidate my accounts. Well, I DON'T WANT TO and if anyone tries to force me, I'LL SIMPLY NOT DO IT AND DELETE EVERYTHING.

OK rant over.

TonyF said...

I am with TRT on this one. Don't do either faceache or twatter.

Anonymous said...

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