Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Hate Racism, Love Disco

Something good is happening on the electric internets, where there is a movement to knock the knuckle-dragging trogs of the English Defence League off the top of Google for the search term EDL.

Instead of hate and violence, we're boogying on down with the English Disco Lovers (Welsh, Scottish, Irish and disco lovers of other nationalities are catered for), who are strutting their peaceful stuff round the electronic dancefloor, or something. Sho'nuff.

"Our aims are very clear - we want to accumulate more likes than the English Defence League on Facebook as well as outranking them on Google. By doing this in a light-hearted way we aim to show them for what they really are - racist, outdated and the type you wouldn't invite to your disco.

Unus Mundas, Una Gens, Unus Disco (One World, One Race, One Disco)!"

Website: EDL

Also: EDL on Facebook

And while we're here, have some disco* (note Top Gear's James May on keyboards at 30secs in)

There's still work to be done. Who's for kicking off the BNP: The British NewRom Party? Say no to Spandau Prison, say yes to Spandau Ballet

*The pedants among you might argue that this is electro-pop. SHUT UP

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brian said...

I support the sentiment but hate disco, always have