Monday, February 04, 2013

Another letter to South West Trains

I've just realised that it has been seven months now since I wrote to South West Trains, complaining that their staff had hurried not to help me in any way whatsoever when I fell ill on one of their train services.

After a holding reply to my lavishly illustrated complaint ("We will investigate this matter and will reply within 28 days")' I got nothing at all. Time to up the ante on the non-letter-replying shirkers.

Dear South West Trains

I refer to my lavishly illustrated complaint of 28 June, to which you have not replied.

May I ask why you haven't replied to my genuine complaint? Were you so impressed by my lavish illustrations that you forgot to reply? Did you - despite my identikit picture - even try to identify the staff member who tried to bung me into a taxi and make me somebody else's problem?

Or could you - and I suspect this to be the case - not be bothered and filed my complaint in the bin?

This being the case, I'd like to complain about the lack of complaints procedure in handling my complaint. In fact, my complaint appeared not to have gone through the complaints procedure at all, and therein lies my complaint. Here is a picture of a sad train to illustrate my unhappiness.

Sort it out, you Premier League Muppets

Your pal etc (although I'm beginning to think the relationship is a bit one-way)

Albert O'Balsam

And if that doesn't get me a free trip to the pie shop, nothing will.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! After waiting since 11th Sept for a reply about my complaint to SWT I figured there maybe something to Google about it and there you were.
Exactly what is it that their 'customer relations' dept do?? Haven't a clue as no reply having forwarded my e-mails back to them so many times now.
Maybe this so called dept doesn't really exist and the fools on the phone are just bluffing??
I refuse to phone them again as the calls cost me a bloody fortune.
I have left comments on SWT posts on Facebook and messaged them too but still no contact.
Maybe if I do a Sharon Osborne and send them a shit in a box they might just sit up and listen but I doubt it