Friday, February 22, 2013

Run for your Wife - At last a British comedy that's worse than Maybe Baby

The news that The Worst Film Ever Made - the Danny Dyer vehicle Run For Your Wife - made a mere £602 on its opening weekend fills me with despair at the state of British film making. Somebody, somewhere thought this film a good idea and stumped the cash to make it. And then made it shit.

That means, out of a nation of 60m people, only about 60 of them thought "Hey! Danny Dyer's got a new one out! Sounds too good to miss." I'm presuming that some of these might be close family members, otherwise care in the community has failed again.

Here's the trailer. Watch, if you dare:

The fact that only nine cinemas chose to show it at least demonstrates a modicum of good sense from cinema managers. However, news reports are saying that it will be opening at another 62 Odeon screens this week.

If you're a pensioner, that is. Poor pensioners - what have they done to deserve this punishment?

And how do I know this? I found a cinema that's actually showing it! One screening only, 11am on a Tuesday, "Senior Screening", £3 to get in, free tea and biscuits, over 60s only.

"Over 60s only?" says Adam, "It must be REALLY violent"

Yes, nobody should see a man getting hit in the face after standing on a rake. Poor, dead Richard Briers. That his last ever role should be in this turkey.


Kaptain Kobold said...

I used to belong to an amateur dramatics society that did this kind of stuff (indeed this very farce) as their standard fare.

Anonymous said...

Can't be that bad with all those great actors and actresses. Surely.

Sigg3 said...

"From blah blah blah comes _the Laugh Out Loud Film of the Year_."

Best Line Ever.

Sewmouse said...

I think Sigg3 here is on to something. It might be rather amusing to hear that typical deep-voiced dramatic narrator having to read a promo for a film written in LULZ-speak.

Andy Todd said...

To quote Dr Kermode - "Everyone involved should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves."