Monday, January 30, 2006

AM, FM, All that jazz

AM, FM, All that jazz

A list of things that can be greatly improved with the addition of an FM radio.

As the compilers of the Argos catalogue already know, absolutely anything can be improved with the addition of an FM radio. I have seen, with my own eyes (and not simply a pair of eyes I've borrowed off a tramp), shelves of electric screwdrivers in B&Q which are also FM-compatible. Music while you screw is not a new concept, as anyone who has a Luther Vandross record will testify.

So, I ask you, what doesn't usually come with an added radio that clearly needs to benefit from inane DJ chatter, all the Girls Aloud you can eat and 16 minutes of adverts for taxi companies per hour?

* Fred Elliott, I say, Fred Elliott
* A Rock
* The Twelve-Inch Monster Kong "Black Mambo" Intruder (Whatever that is. I think they had a string of hits in the 1980s)
* Ear defenders
* A Trombone
* An FM radio
* Liverpool FC's freak of nature Peter "He picks up City FM really well for a player of his height" Crouch
* Emergency Defibrillator
* Oasis
* The Playtex "Sweet Sound Sensation" Brassiere. Reception, alas, is terrible and needs constant adjustment. The ideal gift from the man who cares.


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