Thursday, January 19, 2006

Offensive Productions Present, Again

Offensive Productions Present, Again

Following our recent and utterly triumphant "What if the Nazis Had Won the War?" post, I thought we'd better get on and balance things up a bit.

So, we ask:

What would be on our televisions if the Soviets had won the Cold War?

Yes, I know full well, we'd probably be waiting for our 14" black-and-white Stalin-o-matic to arrive from a factory somewhere in the Urals, where the cadres of the Shock Workers League are currently striving to smash their glorious Five Year Plan production targets, but you get the general idea.

So far, my evil assistants at Another Place have come up with:

* Red Peter
* Stalin in their Eyes
* Revolution Street

* Emmerdale Collective Farm
* The Sky at Nyet
* Five Year Plan-et of the Apes

* Tsar Trek
* Trot-ski Sunday
* The Buddha of Siberia

* I Am A Celebrity, Please Return Me To The Motherland
* Strictly Comrade Dancing
* Never Mind The Bolsheviks

* Proleteriat and June
* USSR You Being Served
* What the Communist Revolution Did For Us

* Richard and Judeski
* Marx and Mindy
* Only Proles And Horses

* Perestroika it Lucky
* Vladivlostok and Two Smoking Barrels
* Pravda and Prejudice

Suggest-me-up, comrades!

[No vote-o this week because I'm rather too busy in that there London to be arsed handle one, so Misty's choosing. God help us all.]

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