Wednesday, January 18, 2006



Mrs Duck is actually incredibly clever. I've got to say that, or she'll be putting slugs in my coffee, again. However, and this has got to be said, she's got a way of mangling the language which sets my teeth on edge, and tempts me to put slimy things in her hot beverages.

Trying to correct her just leads to woe, so I am faced with no alternative but to tell the entire internet.

* Liable: "How dare she say that! Couldn't we sue her for liable?"

* Lozenger: "Suck on this lozenger, and your sore throat will get better."

* Dribble: "Stop talking dribble, you're making no sense at all."

And the clincher:

* Tubberware: "Don't touch that Tubberware container - it's got the dog's dinner inside."

No good will come of this.

The Gay Mug
And while we're on the subject of marital disputes, this is my favourite coffee mug.

As you can see, it is clearly purple.

"No it's not", Mrs Duck says, "It's pink. You're colour-blind and you drink from a big, gay coffee cup."

I put it to you, dear reader, that it is purple, and Mrs Duck is the Empress of Wrong. Purple? Pink? Tell me.

No good will come of this, either.

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