Tuesday, January 03, 2006



Mike at Troubled Diva writes that he could never bring himself to vote Conservative after a visiting Tory MP ran over his teddy bear on his parents' drive. It is such fortunate experiences in your formative years, he writes, that forge your adult personality. If ever he gets a temptation to vote for the newly smug David Cameron, he need only to think of poor, flat Teddy to ensure his cross goes in the right box.

It took me years to see myself as a Labour supporter, simply because, as a kid, the unpleasantly smug Tefal-headed family over the road had "Vote Labour" posters in their windows. Every time I got the urge to support Foot, Kinnock or the late John Smith, four grinning, egg-headed tossers would appear in my mind's-eye to remind me that We Aren't The Type That Votes Labour. And living in a part of the country that would vote for a hat-stand with a blue rosette on it*, the futility of voting for anyone except the incumbent government was rammed home to me on a somewhat depressing frequency.

I could never bring myself to align myself with these people, which resulted in my unfortunate voting for... John Redwood in 1987. I'm so terribly, terribly sorry, and have made a full recovery.

Still that Cameron fella. If he can get Geldof on board...

* (c) R. Mayall mayherestinpeace

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