Thursday, April 23, 2009

On songs for footballers

On songs for footballers

Supermassive Joe ColeSongs for footballers. I repeat: Songs for footballers.

  • Sympathy for the Nevilles - Rolling Stones (and for their old Dad, Bowie's Neville Neville)

  • Pele all your love on me – Abba

  • Kanu Feel the Force? - Real Thing

  • Ashley Cole is a useless, money-grabbing, disloyal Chelsea cunt. Sorry – this isn't actually a song, I just had to get it out

  • Roque Santa Cruz is coming to town – Jackson Five

  • The Killing Roon – Echo and the Bunnymen

  • Mama, George Weah all Crazee Now – Slade

  • Bendtner out of Shape – Teardrop Explodes

  • Wonderwalcott – Oasis

  • I shot Paul Shirtliff (But I didn't shoot Ray Kennedy) – Bob Marley

  • Living on Keown – Freddie Mercury

  • I'm too Cesc-y – Right Said Fred

  • Supermassive Joe Cole – Muse

  • I kissed Keith Curle (and I liked it) – Katy Perry

  • Life on Overmars – David Bowie

  • (I don't want Brad) Friedel – Wham!

  • The Man Who Sold Paul Scholes – David Bowie

  • How Souness Now? – The Smiths

If you do not know any footballers (because, perhaps, you are a wet and a weed; or Welsh), I am willing to accept any sporting star. Get in!

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