Monday, September 01, 2003

"Bon Voyage"

Any day now, two local idiots will climb on board a rather large balloon - which underwent testing in Portland Harbour not 200 yards from Scaryduck Mansions - and attempt to fly to the edge of space. Prescott and Elson, the crew of Qinetiq1, are either the Last Great Eccentric British Explorers or doomed mentallists, depending on your point of view. Good luck lads.


There appears to be a glaring error in this month's Horror-scopes. A corrected version follows.

Aquarius: Don't, whatever you do, and I'm being one hundred per cent serious here, mix quadruple whiskies, cheeseburgers and re-heated rhubarb pie. Remember what happened to Elvis.

That is all.

Except... commenting is down until at least tomorrow as the server has gone walkies. If you want me, use the e-mail wossname. Edit: temporary comments added for now. Woo and yay for the interweb.

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