Thursday, September 11, 2003

“Hell Hound”

Hell Hound
Avert your eyes, those of a sensitive nature! The picture on the left shows the cute little fluffball that is Scarydog - otherwise known as The Hound From Hell - on his first meeting with your erstwhile author. As you can see, the duck’s not so scary now and has suffered a rather embarrassing puncture.

I got better, thanks.

“Mammon Latest”

You asked, and so you shall receive. The highly esteemed Weyprint do indeed do mugs, and if it’s mugs you want, it’s mugs you’re going to get. I’m getting a few quotes from them, but the mugs will probably come with this slightly sweary design, while the t-shirts will come with this here logo. If there’s a demand for penguin-flavoured merch, then speak your brains now. More news as I get it.

"A Diddly Qua Qua"

The first album I ever bought was Kings of the Wild Fronteir by Adam and the Ants. So, despite his well-publicised problems, it's great to see Adam Ant back with us for all the right reasons. He's re-recorded "Stand and Deliver", and will be taking part in a run next week to save gorillas in Rwanda. He's already raised over a thousand pounds and needs people like you to send him even more pictures of the Queen. Fair play to ya, Dandy Highwayman.

“Scaryduck’s ‘Did You Know...?’ No. 349”

Red faces all round at the Pentagon, when it was revealed that all-American icon Ronald McDonald is the seven of diamonds on the Government’s “Most Wanted Iraqis” deck of cards. No damage done, Ron will be going straight back to his old job just as soon as he’s back from Camp X-Ray.

“World Full of Nothing”

Two years ago today, tragedy gave us the chance to work together. So how the fuck did we end up here? Just read this.

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