Wednesday, September 17, 2003

”Ho. Ho. Ho.”

Extract from Old Bastard’s 2003 Almanack: “September 17th – St Ebeneezer’s Day. First sighting of Christmas produce in local supermarkets. (See also 26th before Easter).”

”Bullet-proof duck”

I must be the bestest person in the world ever. Apart from Mike at Stupid Bathroom, natch. Why, only yesterday, I designed and constructed a flight of steps out of concrete blocks – with absolutely no training at all in the art of bricklaying - to allow Scarydog access to the house without the aid of a step-ladder. And I hardly dropped any blocks on my fingers, dancing, swearing and screaming round the back garden in agony, at all. Even better, it’s still there this morning. Am I skill or what?

"The Curse of Celine Dion"

Thanks for the comments about the music thing. I've been away from blogginess for a few days being the bestest person ever, so there'll be a full round-up thang and a new scary story later in the week. Yes.

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