Saturday, September 20, 2003

"The Duck's Revenge"

This week, we paid a very nice man to fit one of those dog flap thingies to allow our favourite cute ickle puppy Scarydog in and out of the house. That’ll learn him for eating my head.

“Royal News”

Rumours continue to circulate of a royal marriage between Britain’s Prince Charles and his main squeeze Camilla Parker-Bowles after he answered a journalist’s question, “Your Highness, how is Camilla?” with the words “Really firm, fruity and gagging for it”. Still, it’s nice to see old people happy.

"Old Jokes Home"

As a child brought up on a solid diet of Revolver, Sgt Pepper and Abbey Road - interspersed only with Neil Diamond's Twelve Greatest Hits, it's great to see a new "back to basics" version of The Beatles 'Let it Be' released in November.

Phil Spector's lavish orchestrations have been removed, and you will hear exactly how it sounded in the studio. I bet you can even smell the wacky baccy. However, with Ringo and Paul being the only two surviving members of the band, I gather it will be drum'n'bass.

Boom, and indeed, tish!

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