Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On enduring mental imagery

On enduring mental imagery

Yes, I'm a stats whore. Every day I go through my referrer stats to find out how people have ended up on these pages. And every day I am disgusted. Disgust, yet slightly aroused.

Take, for example, this sickening consecutive pair of lightly-oiled Google searches:

As they say on the internets: "What has been seen cannot be unseen". And that also applies for that seen by your mind's eye. The goggles, as they also say on the internets, they do nothing.

I know people who'd pay top, top dollar to see that kind of thing.

Skanky traffic update: 'Paula Radcliffe poo' remains my top skanky web referrer. 'Vanessa Feltz topless' is a new entry at number 17, with 'saddle sniffing' bubbling under. As it were.

Of course, this entire exercise is NOT and attempt to up my google-juice on a number of selected niche keywords. As if people would even attempt to search on Vanessa Feltz topless saddle sniffing with a lightly-oiled Sarah Beeny in this day and age. Perverts.

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