Tuesday, July 08, 2008

On the worst pun ever

On the worst pun ever

My erstwhile colleague Gyppo Byard writes about a pun-laden conversation with his daughter on the subject of Beatles song titles.

"Ticket to Ryde", indeed.

I find the world is full of two groups of people. You either think that puns make the world go round; or you belong to a second, more violent group who think that people who pun ought to have their faces stoved in which a shovel.

I'm not sure if I 'dig' these people. Eh? EH?

Sadly, driven by switching from decaffeinated to 200% SUPER CAFFEINE Drive-you-up-the-wall brand coffee, and the Fab Four punnery of my excellent workmate, I came up with the following dreadful, dreadful pun for which I am not sorry at all.

You see, I'm a big fan of that song on "Revolver" about a trip down to the underworld on the back of an insect trying to cover up embarrassing hair loss

"Hell on a wigged bee"

Or: On the dangers of using sheets of iron to decorate your house

"I am the wall rust"

Group 1 people: Full list of Beatles songs HERE

Group 2 people: Go steady with the shovels. I'm too pretty to die.

In other news: All new Done a Poo updates

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