Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On website design

On website design

"So," I ask, "Run that last bit past me again - how do the punters contact us?"

"Either through the 'About us' or 'Help' pages."


"S'right. The 'About us' links to the 'Help' page. and the 'Help' page links to 'About us'. In the end they'll get sick of going round and round in circles they'll forget what they were complaining about."



"But... hang on..." I say, the wheels clanking into motion inside my head, "What if they're actual customers who want to send us actual cash money?

"No probs," says the shiny-suited web bloke, "While they've been busy on your website, they've also downloaded a sexy little app that logs into their online banking, empties their account and sells their entire family and possessions on Ebay."


"I'd go as far as saying EPIC WIN. Have you seen my car?"

"Wait...wait..." I say, the seeds of doubt still germinating despite the obvious riches just around the corner, "What if they complain?"

"About us. Help."

"Yeah - but to the police?"

"Who do you think did their website?"



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