Monday, January 24, 2011



As any zombie worth his salt will tell you as he devours your spicy brains, the only brains worth eating are those that are - indeed - spicy.

If only, we ask, there were some way of getting hold of spicy brains before deciding on a career path as a zombie.

Now, in the comfort of your own home, you may prepare, cook and gorge yourself into a frenzy on gourmet spicy brains without having to go through that whole "undead" rigmarole.

May not actually contain brains.

In fact, in order to try out the serving suggestion for myself, I broke up a local BNP meeting with my trusty chainsaw, and a specially sharpened set of golf clubs. Sadly, there was nary a spoonful to be had, and what I'd gleaned from the drooling excuses of humanity were rotten to the core.

My hunger for fresh, lightly curried cerebrum still unsated, I decide that it might be time to rejoin MENSA...

Thanks to fellow member of the undead TRT for the spicy brain sauce

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