Friday, January 14, 2011



Headline in the super soaraway Bournemouth Echo: Nina scores second prize in Spot the Ball competition - and you could win too!

Boy, did I ever read that wrong.

But then, thinking about it for a while, a Ninja would have had no problem at all with using their Ninja skills to win Spot the Ball every week.

Also, we would never have known about Ninjas winning the Bournemouth Echo's Spot the Ball every week, because any Ninja worth their salt would have used their other Ninja skills and ticked the "No Publicity" box.

In fact, when you look at the original Bournemouth Echo Spot the Ball photo, there can be only one reason why the ball is missing from the image: Ninjas using their Ninja skills.

Sort it out, Bournemouth Echo: It's a fix.

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