Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Trying not to think bike, think biker

They've started putting these illuminated electronic signs at the side of motorways. All well and good for if there is a hazard ahead, but more often or not it's just some sort of "Remember not to drive like a dick" message that you see from miles away, distracting you from your grim task of remembering not to drive like a dick.

The one that really winds me up is:
"Think bike,
Think biker"
...because I do, and immediately think of the kids' TV programme Byker Grove, in which TV's Ant and Dec play TV and music's PJ and Duncan.

This thought makes me immediately forget about not driving like a dick, and put my car into a hedge out of sheer disgust, whilst singing "Byker Grove! Ooooh Byker Groooove!"

I doubt this is the outcome they were expecting when thinking up this clever little slogan.

Well played, the Highways Agency. Bloody well played.

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