Friday, May 31, 2013

In which North Korea unveils a terrifying new weapon

And that secret weapon is CLOSE HARMONY SINGING GROUPS

But who are the current pop faves in North Korea these days? And what are they singing?
  • Kim Il-Sonny Boy
  • Jong Direction
  • Kim Jong Un-break my Heart
  • The Stone Roses: Songun for my Sugar Spun Sister
  • Sandy Shaw: Seoul-based US Puppet Stooges on a String
  • Juche-stin Bieber
  • Sacred Mount Paektu-lips from Amsterdam
  • Run DMZ
  • Chitty Chitty Pyongyang
With thanks to my excellent colleagues No Good Boyo and Col N M E Adthy-Gates for their shockingly puntastic contributions


Anonymous said...

Hello Jong Lovers

Karma Kim Il - eon

Mac the Knife said...

The BASTARDS! All I can say is Yangbongbimtangtangnungbampong! And I'll stand by that to the last! D'yhear?