Monday, May 20, 2013

On Short Term Memory ...Err... Thingy

I've joined the gym.

I've paid out forty of your Earth pounds for the privelege of using torture equipment so that - one day - I won't be a fat bastard.

For those of you with a gym contract, that's forty quid for the year. The. Year.

My gym is the work place gym, and my place of work is excellent.

So, I'm still keen, and only just getting to grips how dull twenty minutes on an exercise bike can be.

However, this is not the point of this post. Oh no, it is about short-term memory loss, for one of my trips to the gym resulted in this: woe.

Twenty minutes on the bike. Half a mile on the rowing machine, some half-hearted posing with the weights and I was done.

Then, showered, dressed, and leave.

I was halfway to the car with my gym kit in my Co-op shopping bag when I got the sneaking feeling that I had forgotten something.

It was only when I  went to put my hand in my pocket for my keys that I realised what it was.

For there was no pocket.


I was in public, in my place of work, sans pantaloons. Shoes, but no trousers.


Then I didn't wake up and my pillow wasn't gone BECAUSE IT WAS ACTUALLY REAL.

The end.


Cenred said...

I reckon it's the nurses stealing your clothes again.

Paul Martin said...

This must have come as a severe shock to the genteel inhabitants of your workplace. However there is an upside to this... You will now be invited to the next swingers party.

Ellie said...

Too many endorphins on the brain. Must have been a helluva a workout.

Sewmouse said...

Obviously the workouts are good for your health - as you managed to not be sick-inna-hedge after your shameful discovery!

Dexter-sama said...

I think it's understandable that you forgot the pantaloons, after all, you did your workout without them. The mind tends to skip these things.

Or perhaps you have a brain tumour.

Get checked, just in case.

Alistair Coleman said...

Wow - Dexter! Long time, no hear! How you doing?

Dexter-sama said...

I am excellent, Coleman-sama. I haven't been on your blog for...I don't even know how long. I even stopped blogging because I couldn't keep up. Now I just troll Twitter. But I've sorely missed this.

Final year of med school is a proper bastard, but I shall NO LONGER neglect Scaryduck!