Thursday, May 23, 2013

On meerkats. And bottoms. But mostly meerkats

Another of those catalogues you get in magazines, aimed squarely at the granny market and containing whole pages of items solving problems you didn't know existed.

And for £25 of your Earth Pounds comes this charming little statue of three meerkats reading a book, because twenty-five quid is the going rate for anthropomorphasised garden oranaments.

But wait a minute... That little chap at the front doesn't seem to be concentrating on the page. What could it possibly be that has caught his attention?

Is it some sort of meerkat predator, like an eagle or a hyena?

Has that annoying bastard Aleksandr Orlov come over the hill yelling "Simples!" to anybody who still gives a flying one?

Or is it David Bloody Attenborough again with another film crew?

Let's look.

1 comment:

Gonzoland said...

On website adverts, the animals look to the right.
A Meera image?