Friday, May 10, 2013

Words That You Should Never Trust

So, I fell into discussing my morning drive to work with a neighbour who has a similar commute.

I really ought to know better, but I accidentally took him to his word when he said the fateful words: "Oh, you go that way, do you? I know a short cut."

His words still ringing in my ears as I approached the fork in the road between tried-and-tested-slow-but-it-gets-you-there and "I know a short cut", I went against every single fibre of my instinct and took the short cut.

I say "short cut", but I actually mean "forty-five minutes of my life I won't see again", for I have never been stuck in a traffic jam on a country lane until that morning, as the whole world and their dog tried this alleged short cut.

On the plus side, I got to write a blog post in my head as I waited to pull out at the distant mini roundabout.

You're reading it.

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