Wednesday, May 15, 2013

You know it's time to change doctor when...

You know it's time to change doctor when...

  • You go along to the surgery with a long standing foot injury, and you don't even get your shoe off in the consultation

  • When you wait two weeks for an appointment and you're back in reception within two minutes wandering why Dr Spaceman has a revolving door on his consulting room, asking yourself if he even actually listened

But most of all...

  • Getting the locum, who asks "Did Dr Spaceman give you the result of your blood test?"

"Yes he did, he gave me the all clear"

She sighs, and points to the rash of bold red text on her computer screen.

"So he didn't tell you that your cholesterol is sky high and you're a borderline diabetic?"

No, he had not.

Goodbye Dr Spaceman, slowly coasting your way to retirement. Hello low fat diet and fitness regime.

And Dr Masood, I think I love you. In a purely professional manner, of course.


Gonzoland said...

... he smells of raw liver and Chianti.

Zimmer said...

So, you left a bit deflated, then?