Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Making online supermarket shopping more fun and possibly dangerous

Online supermarket shopping's a bit sterile.

Point and click. Point and click.

What supermarkets need to do is to make their online shopping experience more like the real thing. For example, have your view of the produce blocked by a sharp-elbowed granny pushing in front of you, and your concentration broken by random bursts of small children throwing a tantrum.

My big idea is this: A "Rummage through the Reduced To Clear Shelf" button, in which the online shopping drone uses their skill and judgement to bring you something at random from the short-dated products.

It brings excitement, it brings the unexpected, and - in the case of meat products - a massive element of danger.

And then I realise they do this anyway - that's why they have comedy substitutions where you get a packet of panty liners when they've run out of cake.


brian said...
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brian said...

maybe they could hire an army of the hygienic challenged to waft by you every now and again while you are browsing.

Gonzoland said...

They could present you with a portable bar code reader and tell you to run all your groceries through the equipment. Of course, that's after someone they've brought along does their checkout and fumbles for a bank card in every pocket of the anorak until they realise the card is in their shirt front. Does their pseudo customer remember the correct PIN? - You're joking aren't you?

Capn Banzai said...

After you've stored the groceries away and you make a cup of tea, there's a complete stranger in the sitting room selling copies of the Big Issue.

Marjorie said...

My best comedy substitutions was Bird seed when they had run out of tinned cat food