Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On Conspiracy Theories and Chemtrails, Again

Apropos of last week's piece about conspiracy theories and the kind of nut-laden fruitcake who thinks passenger airliners are spraying us with mind-control drugs, reader Paul sends me this photograph which proves EVERYTHING:

Not only are chemtrails real, but they appear to be the work of Gandalf.

Or the Flying Spaghetti Monster (All hail His Noodly Appendage)

Or an owl.



No Good Boyo said...

Looks like Cthulhu to me. Iä! Iä!

Dullun Tomass said...

Cthulhu is a water creature so, it may be the half-brother, airborne 'Hastur the Unspeakable'.
Run telesales peeples. RUN.

On the other hand
It could be a fart from the total reality vortex.

Jackal said...

Yeah, governments are so honest. They would never consider hurting or lying to their own citizens for monetary or political gain. Nor lie to go to war, would they?

"Bay of Tonkin incident"
"Operation Northwoods"

I don't claim to know anything about chemtrails one way or the other, I hope it is just a load of bunk. But judging by governments past, I have my reservations.

Jackal said...

My bad, should be:

"Gulf of Tonkin incident"

Dioclese said...

I am deeply offended that you should insult my church in this manner!!