Thursday, June 06, 2013

An ultimately depressing observation about the universe

As I look around the world today, I am unceasingly amazed that every last particle of matter that I see was present at the Big Bang, the very genesis of the universe.

The Earth, the stars, the convenience shop, the bloke who just did the MoT on my car, the unexpected item in the bagging area. All there at the moment of creation.

Of course, the atoms are arranged somewhat differently these days, because I imagine the bloke from the convenince store would have something to say about the Big Bang hogging the parking spaces outside.

Even you, dear reader, was there at the start, and will be there at the end as our current universe slowly fizzles out.

Alas, this process of entropy is already happening as the following photo proves. What was there at the glorious flash of light at the start has decayed into chaos, doom and darkness.

We're buggered, aren't we?


Zaphod KyleTVbox said...

What if a buggered, tattooed head sprouted out of your left shoulder?
See? It could be worstified

Look Away Now said...

A good proportion of the atoms that make up your body was actually forged in the heart of stars billions of years AFTER the big bang, then blown out in supernovae. The fact that you've got the chance to be alive and learn that fact makes up for it a bit, surely?

Ole Phat Stu said...

Feynmann has suggested that there is only ONE electron, which shuffles back and forth through time...

Bogon Flux said...

Ole Phat Stu
Whilst the positron strivers do all the work and pay taxes so that the shuffling scrounger electron can time shift in front of his 3D plasma TV.