Monday, June 24, 2013


Do you know what's making me happy?

The 'block' button on Twitter and Facebook.

As my stress levels go down, I've taken a great deal of joy at zapping bell-ends that give me grief, or come onto my timeline spouting racist crap or similar cobblers.

One chap on Facebook - an ALL CAPS ranter - expressed opinions in support of the EDL. Bang. Gone.

While over on the Twitters, one gentleman whose sole use of the medium appeared to be to insult me was put through the shredder.

Each blocking is carefully considered to cause least offence, but then I NUKE THE BUGGERS FROM ORBIT.

Getting to like it.

Oh. Where have you all gone?

1 comment:

Dexter-sama said...

Every time I use the Block button, it feels like I've killed another insect.